National Post: Free speech vs. hate speech?

Where do we draw the line on free speech? It's a question I found myself asking last month in the wake of the National Post's coverage of Meghan Murphy, a self-professed feminist blogger with a definite anti-trans attitude that many feels dehumanizes trans people. She attracted mainstream media attention in October and November when her … Continue reading National Post: Free speech vs. hate speech?

CHOM-FM: A tranny bar?

What's the status of the word "tranny" these days? Is it acceptable under any circumstances when talking in the media about transgender people? I really don't know, so I am hoping for some input here. The word was used this morning on CHOM-FM (97.7) in Montreal by morning show guest host Pete Marier, long one … Continue reading CHOM-FM: A tranny bar?

TransMedia Monitor

We're evolving. For the most part, Canadian mainstream media outlets do a fair job in their coverage of trans people and related subjects and issues. But there are exceptions. Notably, in my view, the coverage by some papers of Meghan Murphy and her crusade against trans women. That's one we'll take a good look at … Continue reading TransMedia Monitor