TransMedia Monitor

We’re evolving.

For the most part, Canadian mainstream media outlets do a fair job in their coverage of trans people and related subjects and issues.

But there are exceptions. Notably, in my view, the coverage by some papers of Meghan Murphy and her crusade against trans women.

That’s one we’ll take a good look at here in our new incarnation as a Trans Media Monitor.

The focus will be on mainstream print/digital publications as well as television news coverage and to the extent possible, radio news as well. We won’t be covering blogs and ezines with low readership.

That’s it. We’re not here to teach or to be spokespeople for the trans community. Our interest is in seeing fair media coverage, and reporting mostly on the bad.

Hopefully, we won’t have much to report on.

A list of contributors will be coming soon.

— Jillian Page, Quebec

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